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The primary aim of my company is to help you with transparency in the challenges you face in the areas of maritime safety (risks caused by just working) and maritime security (risks caused on purpose by people). After 5 years as Director Netherlands Coastguard during the transition to a modern sophisticated agency I have a clear view on what is achievable and the costs.
A maritime safety and security system consists of people, intelligence systems (information gathering,  processing, analyzing and displaying systems) and sensors / interception tools (AIS, radar, IR, etc. both shore based and on ships and aircraft (fixed wing, rotary wing and drones).
Both safety and security can never be achieved for 100% and therefor there is a relation between the cost and the achievable effectiveness. That is why I named my company Calculated Risks.
The secondary aim of my company is to be available for interim or permanent general management. After a 38 year career in the Royal Netherlands Navy both operational (submarines, frigates, Coastguard) I have the ability to quickly create an insight in the running of a company. My leadership qualities are decisive, trustworthy, compassionate and innovative. My aim is to improve everything and most of the time I achieve that by respecting the people and getting the best out of them while they enjoy it. The last 3 ½ years I have worked in a civilian shipbuilding company as Service Manager and Managing Director.
You can find my CV on linkedin (Jankees Trimpe Burger)
Please contact me with your questions or opportunities and I will react as soon as I can
Calculated Risks

Jankees Trimpe Burger

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